Less means More

(than you could ever imagine)

If you come across a file.-=+ (which is very strange because usually it travels up alternative communication channels rather than the Internet) you may know that it is an highly compressed and highly secure file, with a compression ratio never achieved before.

What we do

(something objectively NEW, SMART and truly USEFUL)

We collect, unbelievably compress, transmit, protect and store any kind of data, at any distance, even without a data network coverage or improving existing networks, with the minimum use of energy: therefore healing our planet!

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Last demo successfully performed on September 24, 2014
Europe (Rome) Parco Tirreno Congress Center
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Who we are

(those who believe that exploration begins next to us)

Our group was founded by veterans in the context of IT, Business Intelligence, Agile development and Validated Learning, who gave the Startup a LEAN approach, creating one of the most interesting business accelerator currently on the market, also (and above all) considering the fact that our technology is applicable to an extremely wide number of fields .


Use cases

(simply limitless)

The uses of the various system modules can be applied wherever there's a need for high data compression and high security with minimal energy and bandwidth consumption for both transmission and storage:

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for further information, to reserve an access to one of our virtual room or take part in a live demo :